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André Rieu Maastricht

juli 2022

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Our Bed & Breakfast is located in a beautiful national monument in the center of Maastricht, between the Vrijthof and the Markt

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Outside view of the small streets next to Gracht 62

Four elegant suites.

First floor

Suite One

On the first floor is the first modern and luxuriously suite of no less than 30 m2.

second floor

Suite Two

On the second floor, you will find the second modern and luxuriously finished suite, which has an area of 26 m2.

main floor

Suite Three

On the first floor is suite 3, this can be linked to suite 4 by a connecting door.

main floor

Suite Four

Suite 4 is also on the first floor and has its own entrance and exit. The suite is light in color and luxuriously furnished.

Come have breakfast and dinner by appointment with us.

Our kitchen is being completely renewed. Follow us on social media to stay up to date.




Our kitchen is being completely renewed. Follow us on social media to stay up to date.

Dining room

At Mike's

If you want to eat very well in a private setting, but not in your home, with 8 to 12 friends, family or guests, you can book Mike's Living Room. The ultimate place for this is the totally renovated 'Lieuwke',Grote Gracht 62, Maastricht.

In an original ambiance, at a beautifully set table and in a private atmosphere. Again, the menu and price will be discussed in advance.

Would you like more information? Please call +31 6 27078184.

Mike at your home
In consultation with you, Mike will come and cook in your kitchen for your friends, family or guests.

The menu is discussed beforehand, but is completely based on the traditional, classic dishes, which we are used to from Mike and the Lieuwke and which Mike learned from his father Servé. Prices also vary, depending on the choice you make.

Before the dinner Mike will have prepared everything in his kitchen and will come to your home with the necessary equipment and dishes, take care of the service and you will be sitting at the table with your guests. After the meal, your kitchen is spick and span, while you remain relaxed at the table. What would you want more in the year 2022 than to enjoy your own dining table without the stress that comes with cooking for several people if it is not your profession......but it is Mike's passion?

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